Helping You Build Positive Relationships to Reach Your Full Potential

It is our hope to give you the courage, techniques, and support to face problems with addictions so that you can gain control over behaviors that need changing. Dr. Doug Funt, Ph.D., clinical director, substance abuse services.

  • Gain the tools and the insights to make better choices.
  • Learn about the difference between social drinking, alcohol abuse, and alcohol dependence.
  • Gain control with over-eating, binging, purging, or starving yourself.
  • Learn to avoid any sort of substance abuse.
  • Learn a process that gives all the decision-making and control to you.
  • Manage your individual physiology, and the emotional, behavioral and social factors that affect your addictive behaviors.
  • Learn techniques to prevent relapse.

Adolescence is a difficult stage of development in which the individual must make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Establishing one's identity is difficult at best in our diverse and complex culture. It is not unusual for adolescent behavior to be characterized by confusion, contradictions, and rebellion. It can be overwhelming for parents. Dr. Doug Funt, Ph.D.

Your teen can learn!

  • To develop a sense of independence in a responsible manner.
  • Help clarify meaningful goals.
  • Explore choices and develop greater awareness of consequences.
  • Improve communication with parents, teachers, relatives, and other authority figures.
  • Gain control over emotions and behaviors.

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